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Football Recruiting Big Board: July 2014

Our first full update on how things are shaping up for Football's Class of 2015

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

After a very eventful June, UConn now has twelve players who will be joining the team in 2015. Here's a rundown of the eleven incoming freshmen so far:

Name/Position Height/Weight High School (Hometown) 247 Rating Rivals Rating
Kevin Murphy- DT 6-3/265 West Chester East (West Chester, PA) 81 (3-stars) 5.4 (2-stars)
Tyler Davis- QB 6-5/215 Wellington C Mapham (North Bellmore, NY) 80 (3-stars) 5.3 (2-stars)
Marshe Terry- S 6-4/190 Northern Burlington (Columbus, NJ) 81 (3-stars) 5.2 (2-stars)
Connor Freeborn- OLB 6-5/225 Salesianum (Wilmington, DE) n/a 5.3 (2-stars)
Phillipe Okounam- DE 6-5/265 St. Pauls School (Concord, NH) 77 (2-stars) 5.2 (2-stars)
Ben Hartwick- TE 6-6/215 Mahwah (Mahwah, NJ) 79 (2- stars) 5.3 (2-stars)
Aaron McLean- WR 6-6/215 St. Marks School (Southborough, MA) n/a 5.3 (2-stars)
Ian Campbell- TE 6-5/225 Pequannock Township (Pequannock, NJ) 76 (2-stars) 5.2 (2-stars)
Nazir Williams- LB 6-3/225 Bridgeton (Bridgeton, NJ) 81 (3-stars) 5.3 (2-stars)
Aaron Garland- CB 6-0/190 Fenwick (Oak Park, IL) 83 (3-stars) 5.5 (3-stars)
John Robinson- CB 6-2/185 Dwight Morrow (Englewood, NJ) n/a 5.3 (2-stars)

Also during this time Bryant Shirreffs, a transfer QB from NC State, has chosen to play at UConn. He will be sitting out this year and eligible to play next year. You could count him in the class as well if you were so inclined. He was a 2-star QB in the Class of 2013 from Jefferson, Georgia.

The first thing that should stand out, after the remarkable size Bob Diaco has recruited, is the presence from the State of New Jersey. Five of the eleven freshman recruits hail from Diaco's home state. The overall UConn footprint is well represented, with one player from each of New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania but nobody actually from Connecticut thus far.

Another thing that is becoming very evident is the intelligence of this recruiting class. With the way the game of football is evolving, intelligence is rapidly gaining on athletic ability in the hierarchy of evaluation criteria. If four and five-star athletes won't make their way to UConn just yet, Bob Diaco is hoping he can develop smart football players who have pro-ready frames and field a competitive football team.

The Class of 2015 is about halfway full. We have three defensive backs, two linebackers, two defensive linemen, three pass catchers (2 TE, 1 WR) and two quarterbacks if you count Shirreffs. Offensive Line should be the big priority for Diaco and his staff going forward in fact I wouldn't be upset if he just went ahead and filled it out with ten more O-linemen.

What do you think of the recruiting class so far? How does this make you feel about the future under Diaco?