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Ray Allen: Chinese Archer

Still unsigned, Ray Allen is staying entertained during his promotional trip to China.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

It's quite a time to be Ray Allen. The 39 year old free agent is mulling his options during this offseason. In the meantime, Allen has traveled to China for a promotional tour for Nike. Last night, he appeared on the television program, Pinnacle Basketball, and silliness ensued.

During a 30 minute interview, Allen went through his career journey. From his days as a young Buck to playing in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney to becoming the all time leader in three pointers made, Allen spoke candidly on his time in the league. Then, he and the host got up and recreated Allen's now legendary Game 6 shot. A few minutes later, after watching a top 10 list of the best plays in his career, we see Ray Allen dressed like this. Ray-allen-archery_medium

Other highlights involve the whole studio audience wearing Ray Allen jerseys. Bucks, Sonics, Celtics, Heat. Even the Lincoln High School jersey Jesus Shuttlesworth wore in Spike Lee's "He Got Game." Gotta love the NBA offseason.

Check out the full video here