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Maryland TE Chris Lee Commits to UConn

Athletic and tall Tight End prospect Chris Lee becomes the 13th commitment to UConn's Class of 2015.


UConn Football tweeted one of their vague, can't say something happened but it did kind of tweets earlier today, surreptitiously letting us know that a high-school prospect from Maryland had chosen the Huskies.

Thanks to QB commit Tyler Davis, and because of the complete lack of information available on the web, I got in touch with Chris directly to congratulate him on behalf of Husky Nation and ask a few questions about why he chose UConn and what his role will be in Storrs.

From what we've seen out of Diaco thus far in the Class of '15, this is par for the course. They are beating other schools to the punch with scholarship offers, going after smart players with prototypical size, and earning commitments based on the quality of the school and sincerity of the coaching staff.