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American Football TV and Times Announced

We now have exact dates and times for six of UConn's twelve games this season.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The American Athletic Conference has announced times and broadcast info for a handful of football games this coming season. Three of those games were UConn games-- two American Athletic Conference match-ups and one non-conference contest.

The third game of the season, at home against Boise State, will be played at 12 p.m. on ABC/ESPN/ESPN2 two weeks after the home opener against BYU, which will be played on a Friday night on ESPN. That's pretty good exposure for UConn against two quality out of conference opponents. As we have discussed here, it's important for the Huskies to show well in these two national appearances early in the season.

The next week, UConn will be playing at USF on ESPN or ESPN2 for another Friday night game. With both teams expecting to be significantly better than last year, this could be a more exciting game than you might think.

Lastly, the ECU game will be played on a Thursday night on ESPNU at 7 p.m. Disappointing news for people who wanted to make the road trip down to Greenville for a reportedly fun tailgating experience.

The American has seemingly bent over completely to the will of our home state's media behemoth. Most of the games announced today are Thursday or Friday night tilts and I'm pretty sure that wasn't originally the plan for some of them. Exposure is important though and if its the difference between a regional sports network on Saturday or ESPN family on a different night I'm all for it. This strategy is part of how Louisville entered the good graces of the supreme overlords of conference re-alignment.

Other notable conference games announced include UCF at Houston and UCF at BYU, which will both be on ESPN on a Thursday night. Tulsa will be hosting national powerhouse Oklahoma on ABC/ESPN/ESPN2 on Saturday, Sept. 6 at 12 p.m., and USF will be hosting Randy Edsall's Maryland squad on the same day at 3:30 p.m. on CBS Sports Network.

We are currently awaiting information for UConn's six remaining games. You can check out the complete schedule on the official team site.