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VIDEO: Pre-Draft Interview with Niels Giffey

It was an absolute treat to sit down with Niels Giffey. The two-time National Champion is currently working out for NBA teams in hopes of hearing his name called in the Draft at the end of this month.

Roberto Serra/Iguana Press

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of speaking with our very own Niels GIffey and actually recorded it for a video interview. It was glorious. After Graduating in May, Niels has been working out for international and NBA teams alike as he follows his dream to play professionally.

During the conversation, we touched on his workout schedule, teams that he has met with, the state of college basketball, and the NBA Finals. It wasn't all basketball talk though, we talked about the overall UConn experience, his beard and the World Cup as well.

As we discussed earlier, Niels has been performing well in workouts and NBA Draftniks are currently projecting him somewhere between being a second round pick and going undrafted. Given the type of player he is and the valuable skills he can bring to the table (3 pt. shooting, defense, rebounding) I would be shocked if he wasn't on a summer league roster this year. Regardless of his draft outcome, he'll have a chance to make an NBA roster.

One thing that does set Giffey apart from similarly rated prospects is his character. At UConn he was a glue guy who played a defined role for the Huskies- and did it very well. NBA teams sometimes have concerns about players who were in starring roles being able to accept a smaller role at the next level. As a role player for two National Championship teams, Niels Giffey has proven that he can accept a smaller role and do so with success.

A few notes:

  • This interview happened over the weekend, before the NBA Finals concluded
  • I completely lose my train of thought during a question and ask him about "freshman gunslingers" (stay in school kids). What I meant was the one and dones. Luckily, he understood what I meant
  • We'll probably have a chance to speak with Niels again, so if there are any questions you'd like us to ask him next time around let us know in the comments!