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2015 Basketball Recruit Prince Ali Re-Opens Recruitment

The Florida high-school star announced on Twitter that he's still open to Connecticut, but has decided to explore his options

Andy Lyons

After Kevin Ollie signed his contract I was hoping we would hear some good news about recruiting. Unfortunately that is not the case.

2015 SG Prince Ali has decided to explore other options and de-commit from UConn, announcing the news on Twitter a few hours ago. Ali had offers from the likes of Syracuse, Georgetown, West Virginia and Vanderbilt when he verbally committed to UConn in November.

Ali's decision leaves Kevin Ollie with one verbal commitment in 2015, the 6-foot-4 shooting guard Will "Turtle" Jackson. The Huskies still have a number of offers out and remain in the running for multiple top recruits so there is little to worry about if Ali ends up going somewhere else.

From following Ali's performance this past season, his stock appears to have risen dramatically. Perhaps he has been advised that he may have more options than he had previously thought or maybe he decided he wants to team up with a friend elsewhere... who knows. At this point details are sparse besides Adam Zagoria reporting through Ali's coach that he is going to "start over and get to know several programs."  UConn has not been ruled out from his list.

Unfortunately this is simply part of recruiting. Nothing left to say but that I hope Prince Ali ends up choosing UConn because he seems to be one hell of a player. If not, good luck Mr. Ali. I was really, reaaalllly looking forward to the Aladdin jokes.

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