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WATCH LIVE: AAC Tournament Pool Play, UConn Baseball vs. UCF

11am, right here!


Seven-seeded UConn kicks off the AAC Championship with a match-up against #2 UCF. The Huskies actually closed out their regular season by taking two out of three against the Knights to clinch a berth in this very tournament. UCF boasts the AAC Coach of the Year in Terry Rooney, and AAC Pitcher of the Year award winner Eric Skoglund, who is likely waiting in the wings for their Houston match-up.

The way this thing works is that there are two pools of four teams and you play everyone in your pool. UConn has #2 UCF today, #3 Houston tomorrow and #6 Temple on Saturday. Those are the four teams from "Pool B". "Pool A" consists of #1 Louisville, #4 Rutgers, #5 USF and #8 Memphis. After round-robin play the winners of each pool will face each other in the Finals on Sunday.

Last time the Huskies played at Brighthouse Field, they had just won the 2013 Big East Tournament, earning the school's third NCAA Tournament appearance in four years. Good times. UConn is 3-6 this year against teams in it's pool including a three game sweep at the hands of Houston. They will have their hands full, but hey- UConn could surprise people as a seven, it's happened before.

UConn's Anthony Marzi (5-6, 2.81 ERA) will get the start against UCF's Zach Rodgers (6-1, 1.41 ERA).