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Open Thread: College Arm Wrestling League Semi-finals, UConn vs. Syracuse

Check out our interview with the team's captain William Dean!

The UConn Arm Wrestling Team, 2014
The UConn Arm Wrestling Team, 2014
Will Dean

And we thought we'd never get a chance to see Syracuse again.

Tonight, on national TV, UConn will face Syracuse in the ultimate battle for bragging rights. We've known for years that our basketball program is better and now it's time to assert our dominance in a different arena as a new sport makes it's way onto the collegiate athletic scene.

Co-ed arm wrestling has taken the world by storm since it's inception at the beginning of this month. The University of Connecticut has emerged as a leader in this sport and team captain Will Dean was kind enough to answer a few questions for us.

TUCB: How did you first hear about College Arm Wrestling?

I heard about it through one of my teammates, Darcy Rose, who contacted my roommate asking if he knew anyone who was good at arm wrestling.

TUCB: How did you find your teammates?

Each player had to send in an application and we were each selected to be on the team.

TUCB: Have you had a chance to scout the Syracuse squad?

We got to meet with the other teams before the competition and hang out a bit. We all sized each other up when we saw each other, and put our game faces on. Syracuse has some very big, strong kids.

TUCB: How much inspiration have you drawn from UConn basketballs dual National Championships?

It is amazing to be a part of an athletic team from Uconn, so many great athletes have gone here. Each of the different sports teams push each other and you really saw that in basketball this year. Arm wrestling is a new sport, and we feel some pressure to uphold the UConn reputation.

TUCB: We've all arm-wrestled before, but I'm sure the competitive version has some rules. Care to share some of the basics?

Technique is important. I am not the biggest guy out there but I can compete with the stronger athletes with good technique. We face each opponent lefty and righty, so you have to have strength with both arms. It is also a team sport. Both the guys and girls need to work together as a team to pull off the win. Nobody can carry the whole team.

TUCB: If you win, where do you think it would stand on the list of UConn's best wins against. Syracuse?

I am from New York, and growing up, I was a Syracuse fan. As soon as I sent my deposit into UConn however, I became a Husky. Beating Syracuse in the inaugural season would be amazing, especially with all the history these schools have had.

This is the Open Thread folks, share your thoughts as UConn looks to add a fourth National Championship to the bounty for this academic year.