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UConn, Kevin Ollie Reach Agreement

Kevin Ollie signed a contract extension today, keeping him in Storrs for the foreseeable future... hopefully.

Maddie Meyer

This is a bad day for the rest of college basketball.

Kevin Ollie, subject of numerous NBA coaching rumors after leading UConn to it's historic fourth National Championship, will be staying in Storrs. According to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski:

I had a lot of confidence that Kevin Ollie was going to stay at UConn. In fact, I was putting the final touches on an article stating as such before receiving the good news today. The agreement is reportedly for $3 million per year, but there are no reports of the length. There has been no official word from the University. We'll update as we learn more.

UPDATE: According to this article by Wojnarowski, the deal is for $15m over 5 years.

I read that one of the sticking points which delayed extension talks was the buyout clause. I'll be interested to hear those details as they come in and how easy or hard it will be for Ollie to leave his contract. After we win the National Championship next year I'm sure we'll be hearing it all over again. I was confident Ollie wouldn't leave after two years, but who knows after his kids grow up and he continues to dominate at UConn maybe he can see himself leaving after a 5-7 years.

Either way this is major cause for celebration Husky fans. The next great college basketball coach isn't going anywhere. He's coming back to take another flight of stairs.