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Don't even think about partying on this RA's floor

Derek the RA doesn't want to deal with your crap.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

They say every party has its pooper, and it looks like we've found ours courtesy of Mike Mancini, who posted this email from his RA on Twitter earlier. Derek, who is evidently an RA at North Campus, is practically begging his residents to watch the game somewhere else, because god forbid people enjoy a National Championship in the comfort of their own rooms.

I want to make fun of this guy, but honestly, I just feel bad for him. This is clearly a person who doesn't understand the joy and community that sports can generate, and that means if UConn wins tonight, he's going to be the lonely sap hiding in his room while everyone else on campus is out celebrating in the streets.

Regardless, this is still a no brainer first ballot entry into the worst emails of all time Hall of Fame. So let that be a lesson to all of the rest of you Huskies, don't be a Derek.