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Best of UTube

Everything else on YouTube is stupid, all you need are these videos.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

There's no beating around the bush: YouTube is a fount of human stupidity.   Countless hours have been wasted watching cats, people unwrap weird Japanese candies, and pour shit through their nasal passages with a neti pot.

But, hidden under this deep trough of waste are nuggets of gold.  Captured relics of seasons past that make me remember why I love the Huskies so god damn much.

So here are a few of my favorites, from the absurd to the inspirational.  If I missed your favorite, post it below.

Ridiculously Awesome Moments that You Watch Over and Over to Pretend You're in College Again

Ok maybe that title only applies to me, but we need to start with the obvious.

Kemba Walker Hits the Game Winning Jumper for UConn at the Buzzer Over Pitt (via ESPN)

Perhaps the most famous shot of the last 10 years, this one needs no introduction.  Beyond Gary McGhee's feet still being severed from the ankle down, my favorite part of this video isn't even the shot, which will live on in UConn infamy as long as its graduates still have eyes, but the comments:




Another underappreciated segment is the little jig Jim does right after the shot.  Grade-A old-man dad dancing right here:

This video has 1,355,110 views and 1,355,109 of them might be me.  Every time I feel a little down or pretty much any time George DeLeone's offense took the field, I watched this video and felt my heart thump a little stronger in my chest.

That being said:

UConn's Shabazz Napier hits buzzer beater against No. 15 Florida (via Tim Fontenault)

Shabazz splits two big men guarding him, clunks one, DeAndre tips it out and Napier earns his way to the pantheon. Now I could have went with the HD ESPN version, but there is a distinct reason I chose this video. Any video of this will show you Shabazz running into the locker room.  But no video accurately represents the pandemonium Storrs was experiencing at that very moment, except this one from Press Row.  I thought that the walls of Gampel would just give in at that very second and Jim Calhoun Way would be my final resting place (not that I would even really complain at that point).

We don't just win, we have fun doing it

The Lamb Shake (via Bob Lyon)

The explanation of the hilarity of this video will take more time than the video's actual duration.  That's why it's best to watch on loop:

Go ahead, no one's looking.  Watch, laugh, move on.

Dance Off USF vs Uconn 2009 Big East Baseball Tournament as seen on PTI. on ESPN (via Dominic1438)

Probably the only case of USF doing something impressive on YouTube, this is my favorite non-basketball video.  I don't care who you thought won, the Irish Jig-off starting @ 3:55 is pure gold, Jerry -- GOLD!

UConn Great Pick! (via James Francis)

Continuing the strong tradition of pretty bad University commercials, this video might be the pinnacle of that turd cake.  I want to point out that this video isn't even that bad for the first 25 or so seconds.  Then this guy just cheesed it up so hard:

You know, I feel bad for the kid because there's no way he ever lived this one down.  Apparently he hadn't even graduated before they started airing it.  That's just disrespectful.

Epic Fail! UConn's Roscoe Smith Has Terrible Clock Management Against Texas (via ESPN)

Roscoe Smith does something so stupid they couldn't even let the announcers' audio stay on the video.  I can't even imagine what the hell Jim Calhoun said after that death point, but my god I would rather be a feeding rat than Roscoe Smith in that situation.

Canoe Sledding (through fence) (via VoltageProductions)

Ok, this one I'll admit is a personal favorite and has nothing to do with sports.  I'm one of those dudes at the top cheering on this group of idiots.  I didn't know them, and it was somewhere around 2pm on a Thursday at UConn.  Class was cancelled, beer was consumed, and these guys and gals brought a canoe to Horsebarn Hill. The rest is history.

TCF15, or, "UConn: you should really hire this dude"

Friend of the blog, Thomas Chandler, is pretty gifted at making videos, so I'm going to let his work talk for itself.  The only thing I will say is that I watched the first video about 10 times on the way to NYC for the NCAA tourney, and the last video legitimately made me cry man tears.

UConn: "I Am New York" (via tcf15)

UConn: "80 Minutes" (via tcf15)

UConn Basketball 2014: The Road to Dallas (via tcf15)

Jimmy C

At this point you might have noticed a CRIMINAL lack of everyone's favorite Massachusetts native.  Don't worry, I saved two of the best for you right here.

Jim Calhoun Owns Reporter (Ken Krayeske) (via 10titansfan10)

UCONN's Jim Calhoun likes the f word (via lensmeat)

I swear to God I get drunk on his bravado.

And hey - Jim's not all quotables and expletives. This video right here is probably my favorite Jim video:

"Kicked Some Ass and Broke Some Hearts" Jim Calhoun 1999 Championship Speech (via uconndvds)

Ok, maybe there are some expletives there too.  He might be a bit of a prick, but he's OUR prick, and god help me if he unretires.

The best UConn video on YouTube and there isn't even an argument

I've said a lot here, and I've said a lot about YouTube videos - which says more about me than I'd like to admit.  But you've read this far so it's only fair I give you some resolution.  Each one of the videos I've shown you are great in their own right.  But there's one that is above all others.

77-74 (via fayfamily)

Poor quality aside, I'd watch this video on repeat for the rest of my natural-born life if I had to choose.  The music, the editing, and the upset look on all those Duke faces makes this top choice for me.