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Where does UConn stand?

A look at where the Huskies will land in the AAC Tournament

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The calendar has turned to March, and there's no question I can smell the madness. With only one game left in the regular season and the AAC tournament starting March 12, there are still 2 different matchup scenarios possible for the Huskies involving 2 games: UConn at Louisville, 2:00 PM on CBS, and SMU at Memphis, 12:00 PM on ESPN2.

Scenario #1:

For UConn to get the 3 seed and play 6 seed Houston (8-9 in conference play) in the first round:

UConn (12-5) beats Louisville (14-3) AND SMU (12-5) loses to Memphis (11-6)

Scenario #2:

For UConn to play Memphis in the 4/5 matchup:

UConn beats Louisville AND SMU beats Memphis

OR UConn loses to Louisville

Obviously, we'd all feel good about a matchup with Houston, as that would mean we would have won at Louisville and would avoid a matchup with Memphis, who is playing in their own building, until possibly the championship. The AAC turned into a very entertaining conference to be a part of this year, as its top 5 teams are all ranked inside the top 20, and I cannot wait to see how it all plays out.