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UConn's Top Moments of the Tournament from the first weekend

How UConn got to the Sweet Sixteen, in the most fashionable of fashions

Jared Wickerham

Courtesy of Thomas Chandler, a guy who turns YouTube into an art form, here are the top 10 moments of the tournament thus far. Due to a certain basketball player on the verge of legendary status, we figured we'd split these rankings into Shabazz/ Non-Shabazz categories.

For more of Tom's stuff, check out this link to the rest of his videos (300 Violins Remix>>>>>>) and follow him on twitter at @tcf_15


10) Amida Brimah Finger Wag

The distance he covers here is just ridiculous. Brimah still has two feet in the paint when James Bell catches the ball, and still manages to get his entire hand in on the swat.

9) Ryan Boatright behind-the-head pass to Brimah

Vintage Boat Show here. When he penetrates with a pass-first mindset, there's no question he is at his best.

8) DeAndre Daniels' and-1 in OT against St. Joe's

Never thought I'd see Daniels look like Dwight Howard. This was one of the biggest plays of the game because it fouled out the one guy St. Joe's ran their offense through and Bill Raftery's favorite player, Halil Kanacevic. This was possibly DeAndre's strongest play of the year, taking it to a set defense and finishing in traffic over 40 minutes into the game, which is the type of play the Huskies could really use going forward.

7) Kevin Ollie calls UConn win during Halftime vs. Villanova

Though Allie LaForce's luscious blonde hair and excessive amounts of bracelets is a bit distracting at the beginning of this video, my attention turns just in time to KO calling for the victory. Never short of confidence, Ollie couldn't have left Husky nation feeling better going into that second half up one.

6) Amida Brimah and-1 to tie the game with 39 seconds to go vs St. Joe's

In the biggest play of Brimah's young career, you'd think this kid was playing in his 4th NCAA tournament by the poise and determination he showed. This play possibly saved UConn's season and had a top 3 karate chop of the season, and for that we are forever grateful, Amida.


5) Finds Brimah for the alley-oop

Shabazz just toys with the Nova defense here, gathering all the attention and delivering a perfect ball right where the big boy could flush it. I don't know if Brimah is finishing that in November, but very good to see how easy it looks now.

4) Coast-to-coast layup to pull within two of St. Joe's

This play features another tool Napier has in his arsenal, his quickness in the open court and ability to finish in traffic. At such a critical moment in the game, who else would you rather have leading the break?

3) Shabazz "Willis Reed" Napier

After being forced to the bench just a few minutes earlier, Napier comes back into the game looking fresh as ever. He is a truly underrated athlete and shows off some serious hang time with this game-closing circus shot.

2) And-1 in OT against St. Joe's

Really didn't shoot all too well this game, and knows exactly how to find a way to score when the shot isn't falling. He gets to the hole as good as anybody in the country and with 9 points in overtime against the Hawks, he solidified a spot in the round of 32 against Villanova for the Huskies.

1) Scores 9 straight points in the second half vs. Villanova

For me, this was the most enjoyable sequence of the tournament thus far. After missing nearly 12 minutes of play in the first half, Shabazz settled down and got into a mental zone that gives UConn the ability to beat anyone left in the field. If we see this kind of shooting again from our leader this weekend on basketball's biggest stage, there's no question the Huskies have a shot to get to Dallas.