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UConn Falls to Temple, 57-53

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Mental errors and poor late game execution dooms the Huskies.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Hartford, CT-- This team, guys, this team. For the third time this season, the Huskies were brutally beaten late. Unlike the games against Texas and Yale, it wasn't the opponent that beat them. UConn beat themselves today. With  2.8 seconds left in overtime, Daniel Hamilton stepped to the line for 3 foul shots, with UConn trailing by two. The first one rimmed out. The second one clanked. The third one didn't matter. Needing a miracle steal and a shot off the inbounds, Amida Brimah was called for a phantom foul in the front court. Temple hit 2 free throws. Happy New Year, Husky Nation. This team just broke your hearts again.

The story of the game really revolves around poor free throw shooting. UConn finished just 8-19 from the line, an unacceptable number.

Losing Ryan Boatright for the entire second half should have been a death blow, but UConn showed resiliency throughout the second half. They just didn't have the firepower to put it away.

Don't put this all at Hamilton's feet. That's not an easy spot to be for a freshman.

I'll have more later, but this was a tough, tough afternoon in the XL Center.