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Third Period Recap: UConn 3 – Union 2; FINAL

Period Recap

UConn killed the Naas penalty in easy fashion to start the period, allowing only one shot and no real chances for the Dutchmen.  Union followed up their unsuccessful power play with four shots on Nichols but he gobbled up each one without so much as a rebound.

A two-minute lull passed before UConn drew a high-stick penalty on Union's Noah Henry at 7:31.  UConn cancelled that out quickly with a penalty of their own; Corey Ronan was called for cross-checking at 7:54.  Union successfully killed the 4-on-4 and UConn did the same with the :23 of power play they award Union, and both teams were back to full strength without a splash.

The following possession, however, saw UConn take the lead with Spencer Naas receiving a dish from Ojantakanen that upset Stevens' water bottle.  Union came alive after this and lead a quick counter-attack, resulting in a penalty on David Drake for interference. Displeased with the play, Union's XXXXXX threw Drake's stick at Drake and drew a whistle of his own – a two-minute minor and a 10-minute misconduct penalty which saw him hit the showers early. Jacob Poe drew another penalty which lead to a 4-on-3 for Union.  Nichols remained stout and UConn looked to clear it out with 5:35 before Union's David Roy smashed Ryan Segalla from behind into the glass on an atrocious looking hit.

Roy was assessed a 5-minute major and a game misconduct and became the second Dutchman sent to the showers this period.  The penalty gave UConn a distinct advantage to finish out the game in the Union third.  Union successfully killed the 5min power play, which consisted of four minutes of keep away and ten shots, the closest of which knuckled in front of the net but couldn't find a home and was cleared out.  With a minute left, Union pulled Colin Stevens and gave Union a one-man advantage for the final sixty.  After a great snag by Nichols with :16 remaining and another kick save with :06, UConn gummed up the puck and heard the horn sound.  A great win against a good team, and UConn will face UMass-Lowell tomorrow in the finals.



10:13 – Spencer Naas; assisted by Kasperi Ojantakanen and Corey Ronan





07:54 - Corey Ronan; CHECKING

11:00 – David Drake; INTERFERENCE

11:22 – Jacob Poe; ELBOWING


7:31 – Noah Henry; HIGH STICKING

11:00 – Matt Wilkins; EMBELLISHMENT

11:00 – Matt Wilkins; 10-MINUTE MISCONDUCT