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Second Period Recap: UConn 2 – Union 2

Period Recap

UConn seemed to start off with a certain swagger, coming out of the first period with a 1-0 lead and with a clean penalty sheet.  That all changed within the first five minutes.  A penalty at 2:10 by Ryan Segalla for "Checking" lead to a goal by Union's Daniel Clampini at 2:28.  In response, UConn committed another penalty, this time on Kirtland and Union followed with a goal by Mike Vecchione, completing the one-two punch discussed in the pre-game notes.  Unions strength comes in holding opponents to under two goals, so their success relies on them breaking out another couple goals.

It seemed like the Huskies would do just that after Jacob Poe stuffed a series of chances in front of net, but he was jammed up quickly and the rebound squirted out away from the crease.  In the chaos, Union's Max Novak was called for interference.  UConn got off four shots on the strong power play, but none of them found the back of the net.

Ryan Segalla was called for interference at 13:42, but despite a few shots Union looked to be cycling the puck and not creating chances.  When UConn returned to full strength Spencer Naas missed a great opportunity that inexplicably didn't clear the red line.  Thankfully, Cody Sharib wrapped one around Union's Colin Stevens at 18:03 to tie the game up 2-2.  Instead of gliding safely into the locker room, Jacob Poe gave Union a 1:48 power play by hooking a Union player with just 12 seconds remaining in the period.  As usual, the third period will be the deciding factor for the Huskies who are looking to steal a game here from the defending national champions.



18:03 – Cody Sharib; assisted by Joey Ferris.


2:28 – Daniel Clampini; assisted by Mike Vecchione

3:37 – Mike Vecchione; assisted by Spencer Foo and Jeff Taylor



02:10 – Ryan Segalla; CHECKING

03:24 – Patrick Kirtland; HOOKING

13:42 –Ryan Segalla; INTERFERENCE

19:49 – Jacob Poe; HOOKING


9:03 – Max Novak; INTERFERENCE