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The UConn Pod: Episode 6 - Basketball therapy

Losing to Duke stings, being 4-4 hurts even more, but the UConn Blog staff writers got together to delude ourselves into thinking it's alright. Come listen!

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

There was a slight hiatus in production of The UConn Blog- we ran into some technical difficulties, actually losing a few recordings- but are back in force to rap Husky basketball going into tonight's game against Columbia.

Tim Fontenault, Matt Gionfriddo and Elan DeCarlo joined me as we continued our discussion following the Duke game, then discussed our outlook for the rest of the season. Topics covered include:

- "Brimah vs. Okaror" was a disappointing pre-game hype vehicle, but what were we really expecting?

- Can Rodney Purvis, or any guard besides Boatright, please stand up?

- Are we in danger of missing the NCAA Tournament?

- American Athletic Conference, ::poop emoji::

- Why the Huskies can turn this around

Lastly, the podcast was edited by my good friend Brenner Pieszak.


LISTEN: The UConn Pod: Episode 6