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Post Game Awards: UConn vs Texas

Who was good, what mattered and what needs to be addressed following the buzzer beater

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Player of the Game- This is probably the hardest award to give out because no one really stood out. Ryan Boatright really played well, but damn did that last missed free throw kill the Huskies. He was 7-7 from the line, he had just given UConn a 2 point lead with 4 seconds to play, and there was no else UConn fans would rather have at the line. Then he missed the free throw, Texas rebounded, called timeout and the rest is history. So, sorry Boat, you don't get this blogger's award this time. My player of the game has to be Texas' Jonathan Holmes. You lead your team in scoring and make a buzzer beater on enemy ground to defeat the champs, well, that's good enough to win.

Play of the Game- Hmm what could it be.

Turning Point of the Game- Leading 51-46 with 2:40 to play, the Huskies had this game wrapped up like a Christmas present. The fans in Gampel had to be thinking "Hell yeah. We knocked off the #7 team, hey NCAA we're awesome don't forget that." Then, the fouls happened. It's one thing to give up a rebound, that happens. But for Boatright and Kentan Facey to foul the rebounder is unacceptable. Texas' Kendal Yancey and Myles Turner made all four of their free throws to really put the pressure of UConn, who didn't make a field goal over the last 6 minutes and 50 seconds of the game. That as just sloppy basketball and a key in the Huskies losing a game they should have won. Also in the running is when Baotright went down with a twisted left ankle. He was able to get up and finish the game, but he was clearly hobbled and was limping for the remainder. Once Boat went down, a little doubt seeped into my head about the game.

Quote of the Day- I don't know which context he was referring to, but Boatright was his typical candid self in the bowels of Gampel Pavilion. He had just gotten treatment on his twisted ankle and was hobbling on crutches when I heard him say, "This s**t hurts man." I'm not sure if he was talking about his ankle, or the loss or both. I do know that I laughed, then found it quite fitting.

Texas head coach Rick Barnes was complimentary in his post game press conference. When he said, "If you can come in here (to Gampel/UConn) and get a win, you know you did something special." Rick that's very true.

Concern of the Day- Shooting. It's that simple. UConn went 17-56 from the field and just 3-16 from three point range. That's just not enough to win, especially against good teams. Sam Cassell Jr displayed a nice shooting touch in the preseason, but that has been invisible in the regular season. He finished 1-7 from deep against Texas, many of those were wide open looks. Terrence Samuel isn't even guarded on the perimeter, defenses don't bother worrying about him from the outside, he's literally no threat to shoot it, let alone score it. Boatright and Daniel Hamilton cannot be the only shooters on the team, it isn't enough. The Huskies desperately missed Rodney Purvis and Omar Calhoun, they are at least capable of stepping out and making a jumper. This has been a problem all season and it came to a head against the Longhorns. This needs to be fixed, as soon as possible. Otherwise, it could be a long, painful season for UConn.