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UConn Men's Hockey: Open Thread and Live Updates - No. 3 Boston College at UConn, 7pm XL Center

The Huskies will host the hated Eagles from Boston College in their home opener tonight, and first home Hockey East game. Can they pull of the upset?

Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

After going 0-1-1 last week in the Liberty Hockey Invitational, the UConn Huskies (1-4-2) play their first home game of the season as they host the No. 3 Boston College Eagles (4-2-0) at the XL Center tonight. The Huskies lone win came against No. 15 Quinnipiac at Webster Arena on October 21st.

UConn's head coach Mike Cavanaugh will be facing his former mentor, the legendary Jerry York, who he spent 18 seasons working with as an assistant. Boston College is one of the elite programs in college hockey- tonight's game will be met with great fanfare and a very festive environment as UConn announced over 7,500 tickets sold with over 2,000 season ticket holders.

We will be providing live updates on this page, and also you may use this thread as the forum discuss the game with your fellow fan. We'll be doing period-by-period updates as well so you can follow all the action!

There is a stream for those of you who are willing to pay $10/month on College Sports Live, which may be worth it for hockey and the beginning of basketball season. You can also listen live on WHUS 91.7 FM.




FINAL: Huskies hold on to beat No. 3 Boston College, 1-0


NICHOLS with the save!! 15 second left!

BC Pulls the goalie, less than a minute left!!

"Let's Go Huskies" chant breaks out with 2:07 left, icing on BC with 1:59 remaining.

3:38 left Huskies with the puck!

Third Period, 15:00 - Nichols makes his 33rd save of the game, Huskies still up 1-0

Third Period, 11:42 - Media time out, UConn stil up. A:laksjdf;lkajsd;fk

Third Period, 9:21 - UConn now on the power play, i don't know how

Third Period, 7:21 - Huskies go on the PK again, hooking on Patrick Kirtland

Third Period, - Huskies get pressure, but no goals on the man advantage

Third Period, 3:58 - BC commits a penalty, 4-on-4 then a short UConn power play coming

Third Period, - UConn called on a holding penalty, BC on the power play early

8:47pm - Third Period is underway!


END 2ND PERIOD - After a scoreless period, the Huskies hold on to a 1-0 lead

2nd Period, 18:00 - Huskies kill the penalty successfully, BC still attacking. UConn's penalty kill has looked great.

2nd Period, 16:00 - BC getting their chances, Nichols making saves and the Huskies are holding on

2nd Period, 14:45 - Penalty on UConn,Tripping call on Ryan Segalla

2nd Period, 11:30 - Nichols knocks away a barrage of shots, three in a row, from BC.

2nd Period, 10:00 - Huskies on the power play again, stop cheating Boston College

2nd Period, 10:33 - back to even strength

2nd Period, 8:33 - Holding penalty on Boston College, UConn on the power play again

2nd Period, 6:14 - things are getting "chippy" according to Will Moran

2nd Period, 4:28 - UConn power play over, back to full strength

2nd Period, 2:30 - 48 seconds of four on four, UConn will be on the power play for remainder of 2-minute hooking call on BC

2nd Period, 1:20 - early penalty on the Huskies' Ryan Tyson, BC on the power play

7:57 - 2nd Period underway!


1st Period, 20:00 - Huskies up 1-0 at First Intermission

1st Period, 19:16 - Gerling shot, thought it might be a goal, but Demko flashes the leather for the stop

1st Period, 1:13 - Faceoff in the BC zone as Demko has to hold a hot shot from Austin.

1st Period, 3:20 - UConn back to full strength

1st Period, 4:02 - We see some fists flying as things are getting chippy here in Hartford

1st Period, 14:31 - UConn is about to be shorthanded on a Jacob Poe interference penalty

1st Period 11:32 - GOAL, With UConn on the Power Play, Evan Richardson, the BC transfer, shoots, tipped by Shawn Pauly for the goal. Richardson gets the assist.

1st Period, 10:21 - UConn on the Power Play for the second time, Ryan Fitzgerald called for the roughing penalty after a scuffle

1st Period, 7:43 - still tied at 0, Huskies with an 8-2 shot advantage

1st Period, 6:02 - BC kills the Power Play, back to even strength

1st Period, 3:59 - UConn Power Play: Hooking on BC

1st Period, 2:00 - shot on net for Boston College, saved by Rob Nichols

7:10 - And we're off, BC wins the opening face-off and we are under way!

7:08 - Starting lineups and handshakes delaying puck drop, still yet to start at XL Center. Atmosphere is electric.

7:05 - National Anthem, it's almost time. LET'S GO.