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Men's Hockey Final: UConn holds on to upset No. 3 Boston College, 1-0

Rob Nichols turned in another stellar performance as the Huskies took the win in front of a sell-out crowd at the XL Center.

UConn, again, started the period with a silly penalty, this time on Joey Ferris.  BC layered on shots, but UConn's defense laid their bodies out and helped out their net minder.  The crowd roared with every clearance and reached full cheer with the call of interference on BC's Alex Tuch.  The 4-on-4 ended without any shots.  The power play was abruptly stopped when the linesman was clipped by what looked like a BC stick.  Play resumed and UConn immediately went on the offensive, but the Eagles managed to kill it off.

Nichols made another fantastic save in the 13th minute, but the Huskies could not properly clear, leading to an icing.  They finally got to change with around six and half minutes remaining before Nichols was called upon for another glove save.  BC continued to press, but UConn did not relent.  Rob Nichols grabbed another save, preventing any rebounds.  Desperation time for BC was evident as they brought everyone above the blue line, but again UConn held strong, eventually forcing an icing to bring it back to BC's zone.

With two minutes left the crowd went absolutely bonkers, matching any basketball intensity.  UConn held possession well with the crowd bellowing "LET'S GO HUSKIES."  BC pulled their goalie with a minute left.  UConn had a chance to bury one in the empty net but they waited a second too long.  The face-off came back to the UConn zone and they held on for the win.  This is UConn's 4th ever win against a ranked team and the highest ranked team they have ever beaten. Boston College was shut out for the first time in 106 games.

Special congratulations to the team, and to the home crowd, which was out of its mind for the last 5 minutes. We can safely say this is the single most important win in UConn hockey history. The game-winner comes from Boston College transfer Evan Richardson.

UConn BC
Shots 35 22
Face-offs won 26 45
Penalties-minutes 6-12 6-12

GOALS: UConn - 1st Period - 11:52, Evan Richardson (Johnny Austin, Kasperi Ojantakanen)


  • The crowd was announced as 8,089 at the XL Center, not bad
  • This was Rob Nichols' second career shut-out
  • This is UConn's third win against a ranked opponent under Mike Cavanaugh, with the first coming against No. 10 Providence last year and the second against Quinnipiac on October 21st
  • The Huskies had 15 blocked shots and are currently second in the country, averaging 18.86 per game
  • UConn came into the game 1-for-19 on the power play, they went 1-for-6 today