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UConn Hockey East opener: No. 3 Boston College - Second Intermission Report

After a scoreless second period, the Huskies hold on to their 1-0 lead on the Eagles going into the final stanza.

UConn started off on the wrong foot with an early hooking penalty on Ryan Tyson 1:40 into the second period.  Rob Nichols saved one with his face and a UConn defensemen came in to clear.  BC was soon called for a hooking on Destry Straight which lead to a 4-on-4 for 40 seconds, and then a shortened UConn PP.  UConn really couldn't get anything started until late in the power play, but to no avail.  A breakaway almost snuck past Nichols in the fourth minute, but he batted it clear with help from the trailing defensemen.

UConn went on the PP at 8:33 with another penalty on Destry Straight, this time for a brutal WWE style takedown in front of all 3 refs.  UConn had a few good chances, but left the PP empty handed.  Rob Nichols had one of the better kick saves I've seen recently with the puck dribbling by his right post.  BC went on the power play due to a fairly blatant tripping call on Ryan Segalla at 14:45.

Nichols was peppered with shots in a power play that saw BC take the lead in shots in the game, but the Huskies weathered the storm thanks to a valiant effort by the Huskies PK unit, followed directly by an icing on BC to break the tension.  That led off a good three minutes of UConn offensive possession which saw one shot get deflected just wide of the net and two more saved by Demko before BC could get the puck on the other side of the ice.  A quick wrister was picked out of the air by Nichols to hold the lead, but the Eagles kept their pressure up for the last minute before UConn could clear it out of the zone.  Rob Nichols was congratulated by his teammates as the horn blew.


UConn Boston College
Shots 6 16
Face-offs won 11 14
Penalties-minutes 2-4 2-4