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The last time UConn Women's Basketball lost back-to-back games...

Hint: it's been a really long time

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

This past weekend via Twitter, Carl Adamec of SNY dropped an absolutely stunning piece of knowledge upon us:

Holy crap that is a long time. The last time Geno Auriemma and the UConn Women's Basketball team lost consecutive games, I was about five years old. Or, as I would have enthusiastically told you at the time, "Five and three quarters!"

Inspired by a recent bit that started trending after my beloved Buffalo Bills were essentially eliminated from playoff contention, I felt compelled to put together a quick list of things that have happened #SinceUConnWBBlostbacktoback:

  • Czechoslovakia had recently broken up, forming The Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • WWF's Monday Night Raw was in it's first year of existence
  • Bill Clinton was in his first year as president of the United States
  • The first Starfox game was released that year
  • Continuing with the video games theme, classics such as Doom and Donkey Kong had yet to be released
  • Born in August 1993, Andre Drummond was merely an infant
  • Jerome Bettis won the NFL's Rookie of the Year award. He retired almost 10 years ago.
  • My favorite movie of all time (not really, well... maybe) Tombstone was released that year. 1993 was actually a great year for film, other notables: Jurassic Park, Dazed and Confused, Hocus Pocus and Schindler's List, Philadelphia, The Fugitive, Mrs. Doubtfire, Robin Hood Men in Tights, Rudy, Cool Runnings, Super Mario Bros., The Sandlot, Free Willy, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Sound like too good of a year to be true? Believe it.

  • 1993 pro sports Champions:
  • Michael Jordan's Bulls over Charles Barkley and the Phoenix Suns
  • Joe Carter and the Toronto Blue Jays over the Philadelphia Phillies
  • Troy Aikman's Dallas Cowboys over the Buffalo Bills, who were in their third straight Super Bowl
  • Montreal Canadiens over Wayne Gretzky's LA Kings
  • The Hartford Whalers existed. So did the Quebec Nordiques, Montreal Expos, and the original versions of the Charlotte Hornets, Cleveland Browns, and Winnipeg Jets. We also had the Seattle Supersonics, LA Raiders, LA Rams, and the Houston Oilers.
  • Major League Soccer didn't exist
  • Tupac was still alive
  • "Whoomp! (There It Is)" by Tag Team, and other such gems occupied the Billboard Top 100.
  • And we all knew this song by heart
  • UConn Football head coach Bob Diaco was a sophomore in college, Men's Basketball head coach Kevin Ollie was a junior at Crenshaw High
  • Jim Boeheim had the same number of national championships as 1 year-old Tyler Olander
  • The US National debt was a modest $4.4 Trillion, compared to over $17 trillion today
  • The Euro was still six years away from being introduced to financial markets
  • Average price of gas was $1.16 per gallon
  • President Barack Obama was just two years removed from his law school graduation
  • Cell phones looked like this:

Feel free to share your own memories in the comments!