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UConn-RPI: Second Intermission - Tied 1-1

UConn took the lead early, but lost it late in the second.

RPI started off the period on the wrong foot with a penalty on Drew Melanson just 14 second into the second.  While technically the Engineers managed to kill the penalty, Joey Ferriss flew up the left side after a failed defensive clearance and just threw one past Diebold to give the Huskies a 1-0 lead with 17 minutes remaining in the second.  It was Ferriss's first goal of the season, and Drake was given the assist.

RPI had a midway through the second on an offensive set. The Engineers cycled the puck well, holding it for seemingly minutes before clanging off the post to the just to the left of Nichols.  RPI committed three penalties in the period but UConn could not capitalize on any of them, bringing them up to 4/39, a paltry 10% on the season.

The period could have ended smoothly, but a very bad penalty by Trevor Gerling with 21 seconds left gave RPI the power play to end the period. At the next face-off RPI's Melanson ripped a shot past Nichols to tie the game.  The horn sounded after the faceoff following the goal.

Shots 11 9
Face-offs won 14 9
Penalties-minutes 3-6 1-2