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UConn Men's Hockey vs. Sacred Heart: Huskies lose, 2-0

Updates on the game at the Taft School in Watertown, Conn.

3rd Period, FINAL

A really disappointing night for the Huskies was punctuated by a loose puck that found its way into the neutral zone and the stick of SHU's Zach Luczyk with :40 remaining in the 3rd.  An empty net and about 30 meters of ice ahead of him, Luczyk buried it as the crowd cheered.  Billed as a home game for the Huskies, this was anything but.  While the stadium holds a mere 1,000 people, I couldn't see an inch of space with Taft School students and parents sitting in the aisles to catch a peak at Div. I hockey on their home ice.  A heavy contingent was sporting the red and white of SHU, and it was a chorus of Pioneers' fans that celebrated at the end of the game.  SHU deserved and earned their win.  There were no penalties in the period.

UConn loses 2-0. SHU outshot UConn overall 33 to 27.

2nd Period

More of the same from the Huskies here.  Despite being on a couple of power plays, the Huskies never could get set in the offensive zone. Passes were deflected, shots blocked, and nothing seemed to click for UConn.  No goals in the half, but plenty of shots.  The best chances came from SHU's skaters, with a flurry of shots directed at Nichols, one of which floated in front of the net before Nichols snatched it up for a faceoff.  One breakaway chance for UConn seemed hopeful – before it was broken up by a slash by SHU's Mitch Nylen.  UConn couldn't capitalize as a quick penalty by Richardson followed, creating essentially a 2-minute 4-on-4.  Other than the few chances, the period ended as it was played, rather unceremoniously.

Huskies down 1-0 at end of second.   SHU led the period in shots 10-8, UConn leads overall 22-19.

1st Period

The first period saw a team that UConn hockey fans have been unfamiliar with the last few games – a very pedestrian and sloppy effort by a team that has thus far, exceeded expectations.  Just 3:26 into the game the Huskies gave up the puck on a poor defensive possession and created a mess in front of their net allowing SHU's Drew George to tuck in the putback to give the Pioneers the lead that held for the rest of the period.  Each team had a slew of chances following, the most of which came on a UConn power play halfway through the first, but SHU's goalie and defense held strong.

Huskies down 1-0 at end of first.  UConn leads in shots 14-9.