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UConn vs. Tulane: Huskies Player of the Game

During the bye week, we made some improvements of our own and decided to start a 'Player of the Game' series. This week didn't give us many candidates, but there was one standout player who was worthy of recognition.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Although at times the defense had lapses against Tulane. It was undoubtedly the strongest unit on the UConn team this game, and has been all season. Graham Stewart is a big reason for that and this game he finished with eight tackles with a half a tackle for a loss. For that he earns this week's UConn Blog Player of the Game.

He is the pick because he seemed to always be in place to stop one of Tulane's stable of running backs. Of course, he had a couple of missed tackles on some big Tulane runs at the end of game, or got blocked out of some plays. Most notably on a play where Tulane running back Michael Badie ran past Stewart on a 2nd and 13 at the end of the 3rd quarter. But what more could you expect, when the UConn offense couldn't help keep the defense off the field. Players get tired and get sloppy, and this seemed to be the reason for many of Stewart's missed tackles.

Who is your vote for player of the game?