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The Open Thread: UConn vs. Buffalo

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I'm nervous about this game, more nervous than I should be. There's a lot of potential for a let down game this week if the Huskies are hungover from the Michigan experience. We have some injuries at key positions, including Senior Cornerback Taylor Mack, who didn't make the trip to Buffalo with the team. A month ago we got stomped on by Towson and we're currently winless. Why do I think we can win this game again?

Because I'm optimistic that we will see a UConn team motivated by last weeks strong performance. If the Huskies can build on the strong defensive showing and occasional propensity to move the football they displayed on prime time there's no reason to believe we can't take care of business today.

We're about an hour away from kickoff, and can be seen on ESPN 3 (get used to hearing that one).