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The Open Thread: Michigan vs. UConn

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Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The parking lots of Rentshler are abuzz (I've heard) and Husky fans are rearing for ABC's game of the week. Hopefully we fare slightly better than FIU did against Louisville today. Coverage is starting on ABC soon so I thought I'd get the open thread up a little early.

It's tough not to think how much more exciting this day would be if we were half decent, heck I may have made the trip up to East Hartford for it if we were. But there's no use crying over spilt milk. We are who we are, and at the same time a lot of the things we were excited for (marquee opponent, appearance on national TV, a chance at a signature win) are still there. And who knows, maybe we can keep it close and steal a win the way Akron almost did.

One last plug for the #ROCKTHERENT contest, I'd love to see some action from Husky fans at their best during today's tailgate or at the game. I understand parking lots weren't open until 4, so hopefully we'll start seeing some good stuff come in.

For me living in DC, and with the Maryland game mysteriously not available to me, this will actually be my first chance to watch UConn play live this year. I look forward to discussing with y'all tonight and actually having an opportunity to watch the game as well.