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The Open Thread: UConn vs. Towson

The moment you've all been waiting for

How will Whitmer look tonight?
How will Whitmer look tonight?

Ladies and Gentlemen, its time. Tonight at 7:30 UConn will kickoff their first football season as members of the American Athletic Conference against Towson at the Rent.

A couple of things I'll be interesting in watching:

  • How does the new offense look?
  • Does the line hold up?
  • Towson has a strong rushing attack, can our defense dominate like they should with all these new starters?
  • Related to the first one, but I'm interested to see how Whitmer's arm, accuracy looks and how good backup QB's might look if we enter a garbage time situation.
Most importantly, I hope we come out fully healthy and with a W to take into our two week break until the Edsall game part II.