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Games We'd Like to See on UConn's Schedule

Attention Warde Manuel, Husky Nation is making its wish list


In order for UConn to raise our presence on the national scene, we are going to have to get a little gimmicky and start playing some “home” games on neutral sites to attract opponents, especially in football. Let’s use the comments section of this post to throw out some ideas we’d like to see the Football and Basketball team schedule in the future. My ideas:


Notre Dame at Giants or Yankees Stadium

Huge revenue, huge market, auto-sellout

BC at Gillette

We have got to get relations going with BC to further our regional presence. This game would be an outstanding way to ignite the rivalry.

Penn State at Lincoln Financial in Philly

Maybe use this "neutral" site game as a kickoff to a home and home? Also to get our foot in the door and make nice with the B1G. Win, win.

A home game at the Yale Bowl

Again, good for the regionalization effort. We could even schedule it against Yale though I would prefer we play someone else there to entice a better opponent to play in this historic venue. Any high profile opponent would sell out, and with nearly 65,000 seats it would be large enough to appease those who have complaints about playing in a half-empty Rentschler Field. Maybe we could sign a 4 year deal with Yale where we play them twice and use it as our home field for 2 games.


Syracuse at MSG

We don’t really need to get too gimmicky on the basketball side of things; people will want to play us. We just need to make sure we’re scheduling good out of conference opponents. That being said the atmosphere at a UConn-Syracuse matchup in MSG would be extraordinary. I like that we’re playing Maryland in the Barclays Center, but I could do without it. Maybe we do a Villanova, Pitt or Notre Dame game there…

What do you guys think? Lets hear some ideas Husky fans!