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UConn Baseball Wins Big East Tournament

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Big East Champs and it feels so good

After an improbable run to the Big East Tournament Finals, the Huskies sealed the deal with an 8-1 win over Notre Dame yesterday. The story of the game was definitely Junior Starting Pitcher Anthony Marzi who threw with confidence and deadly accuracy, retiring the first 8 batters and giving up only 4 hits in a complete game effort.

Other major contributors include the Huskies defense (0 errors), LJ Mazzilli (2-4, HR, 2RBI), and Tom Verdi (3-5, 2RBI).

On to the NCAA Tournament!

Fun Facts:

  • This UConn team had 19 players from the state of Connecticut (and the announcers wouldn’t let us forget it)
  • Outfielder Billy Fertier won Tournament MOP
  • This will be our third NCAA tournament appearance in the past 4 years
  • Coach Jim Penders becomes the first person to win Big East Baseball Tournament as a player and coach. He was captain of our last team to win the tournament in 1994
  • You can find more coverage here, here, and here.