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A Farewell to TheUConnBlog

After five years I’m stepping down as the manager of TheUConnBlog. Thank you to everyone who made it such a tremendously enjoyable run

Tom Pennington

I do not know what I expected when I started kicking around the idea of starting a UConn website in the summer of 2008, but it certainly was not this. It was just before I began my senior year, I had more time than I knew what to do with, and so I bought a URL and opened up a Wordpress site.

That site looked very different from the one you're on right now but the core of it was always the same for me: it was a place to talk about UConn with my friends. I started off with two great ones in Kevin and Justin, whose help I am incredibly thankful for, and looking back now I'm happy to see how many more I made through the community here. The users were always my favorite part of the site.

But now, after a lot of reflection, I have decided to step away from being the blog's day-to-day manager. For a while now my schedule has not allowed me to devote the type of time I would like to the site. I am graduating from law school in a few weeks and starting a new job in the fall, which would have reduced the time I spent here even more. Aman, who will be introducing himself shortly, will be taking over as the new site manager, and I'm happy to see it in good hands. I will still be around and plan to contribute on occasion, but I am really looking forward to seeing where he takes the site from here.

I do not believe it is possible to accurately express how much fun I have had with this site for the past five years. It has been an incredibly important part of my life, and a constant source of joy. It was never clear to me what would make people seek out this site and read whatever thoughts I happened to have kicking around in my head, but I am so appreciative to all of you who did. Since I started this UConn has won a national championship, made two Final Fours, and sent the football team to the BCS. All of that was amazing, but a big part of what made it amazing for me was the fact that I got to experience it with all of you, and I cannot thank you enough for that.

I want to thank Justin, CJ, John, Jeff and anyone else who has contributed to the site over the years. The same goes for DerbyGuy, who I'm pretty sure has been to the site more than I have, and for FCmonk. The two of them have done an amazing job anchoring the comment section for me. I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention some of our frenemies from SB Nation (and beyond) that have been a joy to work with, so thanks to you Sean, Matt and Brian (Syracuse); Jamie, Collin and Ken (USF), Brian (BC), Andrew (Georgetown), Chris and Brian (Villanova), Pico (St. John's), Mike (Louisville), and whoever it is that runs Anonymous Eagle. You've all been great, and I admire your commitment to root for teams that are all clearly inferior to UConn.

More than anyone I want to thank Kevin Meacham, who has been an incredible partner for the past five years, both as a writer and as friend. This site would not have been a tenth of what it was without him.

It may be time for me to step away, but that doesn't make it easy. I'll miss this site, and all of you, tremendously. Thank you all so much.