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Women's Championship OpenThread: Louisville vs. UConn

Join the conversation as UConn tries to win its eighth national title.

Stacy Revere

For the past year, the University of Louisville has been performing a remarkable step-by-step remake of UConn's incredible 2011. BCS bowl? Check. Double final fours? Check. Men's national championship? They got that last night. And tonight? They try to one-up UConn by steeping onto turf that is unmistakably ours: women's basketball.

This is UConn's eighth championship game under Geno Auriemma, In the past seven, he has been a truly remarkable 7-0. Here's hoping that tonight he and the Huskies can push that streak to 8, and we can finally start to stem the tide of this Cardinal red menace.

The game tips off at 7:30 on ESPN. This is your OpenThread. Join the conversation below. Go Huskies.