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One school, one name, one brand: UConn unveils new look

The University of Connecticut is rebranding itself to focus on the UConn name. It's a smart move.

The University took the first step in its rebranding today, unveiling a new wordmark (i.e. logo) for the school, that makes it clear that from here on out the school will be promoting itself in all aspects as UConn, not the University of Connecticut. Yes, the school is still called the University of Connecticut, but as a brand, be it academics, athletics, or anything else, it's going to be called UConn.

It is a long overdue move, and it makes all the sense in the world. The school's athletic success over the past two-plus decades have created a powerful brand, and unifying it should do a lot to sell the school. The revamp will hit stage two in two weeks when the school unveils a new Jonathan the Husky logo for the athletic teams, who will presumably now be all share a logo and general brand.

Personally, I'm a big fan of this change. The font appears to be the same one the football team has employed for the past decade, and it's sharp, modern and clean. Navy and white will continue to be the school's colors, while grey, red and metallic will be used as accents colors, as they have been recently.

Personally, I'm a big fan of everything about this, both the look and the concept. I'm not sure if this is singular to me, as someone who no longer lives in Connecticut, but I've always found myself pausing when I'm asked where I went to school. Do I say Connecticut? UConn? The University of Connecticut? I suspect that question is one that a UCLA grad has never been forced to ask themselves, and hopefully it won't be an issue for the school from here on out. It's UConn now, and that's a good thing.