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The conference to be named later has a name: the American Athletic Conference

We have a name, and it's not terrible. I suppose.

Why sad RJ Evans? Why not sad RJ Evans?
Why sad RJ Evans? Why not sad RJ Evans?

The big day is here folks. We finally have a name for UConn's conference and that name is the American Athletic Conference. AAC! AAC! AAC! Meh.

I suppose the best way to approach this news is by highlighting just how much worse it could have been. The conference name could have featured a number. It could have included the word "metro". Hell, knowing who's in charge we're lucky we didn't wind up being called the American Sports Society.

Is the AAC bland? Yes. Does it's acronym sound like the sound you make while vomiting? Sure. But it's also entirely bland, middle-of-the-road pablum that is somehow less mockable than the name The Big East. And, if you are of my sensibility and start calling this thing the AmeriCon it's not even half bad (calling it The American, on the other hand, is a nightmare).

I can live with the AmeriCon. I can live with winning a few AmeriCon championships while we wait to be invited somewhere else (please!). It's fine. Frankly, I'm surprised it's not worse, and on the scale of UConn's conference realignment news, that makes this a resounding victory.

Go AAC. At least until we can say Go ACC.