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TheOpenThread: UConn Huskies vs. South Florida Bulls.

Join the conversation as USF hosts UConn.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

UConn is headed to South Florida tonight for its second-to-last game of the season, and if all goes well they'll be leaving the Sun Dome with their 20th win. And that's not an unrealistic expectation, as the Bulls aren't exactly what you'd call a strong opponent. They are coming off a win over DePaul, but it was only their second in Big East play, stacked up against 14 losses.

However, that doesn't mean it'll be easy for UConn fans. South Florida forced UConn into overtime in a game at the XL Center earlier this year (it was one of those "Shabazz doesn't score in the first half, UConn struggles, then Shabazz goes nuts in the 2nd half and OT" kind of games), and the Huskies will be short handed. Niels Giffey is out with a broken finger on his shooting hand, and though we don't yet know the status of Shabazz Napier, chatter on twitter has suggested he might miss his second straight game with an injured foot. Add in the continuing suspension of Ensoch Wolf and you come up with a very short-handed Husky squad, so nothing is guaranteed.

The game tips off at 9 on ESPNU (real primetime matchup, huh?). This is your OpenThread. Join the conversation below. Go Huskies and remember: take the stairs because escalators are for cowards.