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Syracuse basketball under investigation by the NCAA for major, wide-ranging violations

The NCAA is investigating Syracuse basketball and football, and it sounds like they could be in a lot of trouble.


Syracuse basketball is under investigation by the NCAA for a series of wide-ranging and major violations, according to a report from CBS. The investigation, which also involves the Syracuse football team, has been going on for several years according to the report. The investigation isn't related to Bernie Fine, but it might be connected to the drug investigation Syracuse went through last year.

Now, as Syracuse fans have pointed out on twitter, not a ton of this is new news, as we already knew Syracuse was being investigated (though the football stuff is new). However, the extent is something that, at least to me, is news.

You really should go read the CBS piece, but before you leave I'd like to invite you to read this selection from it, because it might be the best paragraph in human history:

The ongoing investigation has apparently grown larger in scope. When asked to characterize how wide-ranging the probe might be, a source with knowledge of the case told "Throw a dart at the [NCAA] Manual [and you would hit a violation by Syracuse]."