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Is UConn going to the SEC? No. Of course not.

The New York Times dropped a lengthy piece about UConn into today's paper, talking about UConn's future after being abandoned by every friend it has ever known. It's a nice piece, and you should read it, but be warned, because about three-quarters of the way through you'll encounter this sentence:

Speculative translation: if the SEC should seek to expand its footprint to the Northeast, perhaps book a couple of its gridiron Goliaths into MetLife Stadium, Manuel and Connecticut would not play hard to get.

Since UConn fans are desperate for any conference realignment news, the natural next step is for them to ask: "Is UConn going to the SEC?" In fact, google tells me some people found their way to this very website by googling just that. So I figure we should try to answer the question: Is UConn going to the SEC? No. Of course not. It makes less than zero sense. Stop googling that. You're making google think you're a crazy person.