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Report: UConn-Michigan tickets will only be sold to season ticket holders

Want to see UConn host Michigan at Rentschler Field this year? Be prepared to buy season tickets.


This fall UConn will be hosting it's highest profile opponent ever when they welcome Michigan to Rentschler Field, but it's going to cost you if you want to get in the stadium. At a signing day event last night UConn AD Warde Manuel reportedly announced to fans that tickets for the Michigan game will only be sold to season ticket holders, according to several reports on The Boneyard from people who attended the event.

UConn hasn't released season ticket information yet and their signing day hub only allows fans to sign up to be notified when it is released, but if the season-ticket holder restriction is the plan, it echoes the restrictions that UConn put on Syracuse basketball ticket sales this year. UConn eventually wound up selling a handful of Syracuse tickets individually, but my impression was that their numbers were rather small.

This strikes me as a smart, if fan-unfriendly move for the Huskies, which could goose season ticket sales, though I wonder how they could keep that momentum in future years seeing as UConn's schedules for 2014 and 2015 are still perilously empty.