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Surprise: QB Kivon Taylor commits to UConn

Well this is a big surprise: this afternoon UConn announced that Kivon Taylor, a dual-threat QB from Grady High School in Atlanta, GA has committed to be a Husky. This commitment has seemingly come out of nowhere, as UConn's official recruiting site has no information on Taylor, and neither Scout nor Rivals have a ranking or any offer history for him. Even YouTube came up short, revealing only a small handful of clips meant to highlight his receivers.

This surprise also might tell us a lot about Richard Lagow, who we have reason to doubt might be headed to UConn. Most damningly, someone claiming to be Lagow's father has posted on The Boneyard that he will now advise Lagow to not sign with the Huskies:

Look, run a search on my name and you will see I am neither concerned with a fight, afraid of competition, and do not do anything with a losing attitude so nobody needs to worry about making me happy. I don't play anymore. I have already had a daughter rated in the top fifty players in the nation and recruited D1 in basketball and soccer and she started for LSU for four years and is now finishing law school there and she dated Jarrett Lee for three years so our family knows up close and very well what coaches can do to a Qb or any other player. Richard is sick, his coach has told the paper here that he is sick, the doctor has told him that he is sick, I can take a picture of the doctor's note if necessary.

I just, as I was typing this, received a text that Uconn has added another QB so my advice to Richard will be to take another offer and wish the Uconn program the best. Again is is his decision and he has 20 days to make it and based on this new change, if I were him, it would be hard to trust what anyone says.

Kyle Lagow

We'll have more if anything official comes out, but for now I'd bet against Lagow ever making it to Storrs.

Also worth noting: the fact that Taylor is a dual-threat quarterback might mean the coaching staff has no intention of moving away from the much-maligned wildcat package anytime soon.