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TheOpenThread: UConn Huskies vs. DePaul Blue Demons

Join the conversation as the Huskies take on the Blue Demons.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

I don't want to sound overconfident about UConn's chances tonight against DePaul, but I can't help but note that the DePaul Athletic Department put out a release including these words:

It Could Happen: A win would be No. 425 as a head coach for Oliver Purnell...

To be fair to DePaul, the "It Could Happen" section seems to be related to potential milestones, but when you've lost 10 of 11 and your only Big East wins are against Providence and Rutgers, it's important to pay attention to phrasing.

But yes, I like UConn's chances tonight, especially since Oliver Purnell's defensive philosophy can be boiled down to "press and try to make the other team run," something that UConn is more than capable of. You have to imagine that Cleveland Melvin will give UConn's thin front line all they can handle, but by my count this is Ryan Boatright's first game in his hometown of Chicago as a Husky, so if anyone is going to be unstoppable tonight my money is on him.

Since the Huskies have come out into the central time zone, I'll be taken this opportunity to take in the game in person, though I'll check into the thread as my cell service allows.

The game starts at 8 p.m. on SNY. This is your OpenThread. Join the conversation below. Go Huskies, and remember: take the stairs because escalators are for cowards.