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Enosch Wolf arrested, suspended indefinitely

The junior center was arrested by UConn police Monday morning and has been suspended.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Junior center Enosch Wolf has been suspended indefinitely after his arrest on campus early Monday morning. We don't have a lot of details now, but UConn did release a short statement:

STORRS - Junior center Enosch Wolf (Goettingen, Germany) has been suspended from the University of Connecticut men's basketball team following an on-campus incident early Monday morning that resulted in his arrest by university police. The suspension is indefinite, pending the completion of the legal process and a university review process.

"We are aware of the situation concerning Enosch and we are taking the matter very seriously," UConn head basketball coach Kevin Ollie said. "He has been suspended from the team indefinitely, until the legal and university process is finalized.

"I have spoken to the players on the team previously, and will continue to speak with them, about their conduct both on and off the basketball court. We have high expectations of our student-athletes at UConn, and I expect my players to live up to those standards."

The university will have no further comment on the matter at this time.

That's pretty standard from the school, especially the "no further comment" part. I imagine we'll find out exactly what happened soon enough, but it looks like UConn is going to be especially short handed in the front court when they host Syracuse on Wednesday, which certainly isn't good.

For what it's worth, Wolf was tweeting around 3 a.m. on Monday.>That doesn't tell us anything, but it does mean Wolf was out late, and as our mother always says, nothing good ever happens after midnight. We've made no secret of the fact that we're big Wolf fans, so we hope this gets resolved quickly and isn't anything major. We'll have more as we know it.

UPDATE: This post use to contain reference to a person Wolf was tweeting at Monday morning. Since this now appears to be a domestic incident I have removed any mention to that person from the post.