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Open Thread: UConn Sporting Excellence

Chat with fellow Husky fans about both the basketball and soccer games!

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, we proud Husky fans are lucky to have the opportunity to watch two of UConn's marquee Men's athletic programs play. While one game carries slightly more significance than the other, both have their merits and warrant discussion in tonight's Special Edition Dual Open Thread. Both games start at 7pm.

The Basketball team will be wrapping up the first quarter of the regular season with a home match-up against the Maine Black Bears at the XL Center tonight. And what a first quarter it has been. Personally, I'm still reeling from the victory hangover of Monday night's epic against a very good Florida team in Gampel. That win, along with the likely win tonight, should propel UConn into the Top 10 when the polls come out next week. You may have noticed that I don't post the AP/Coaches Poll rankings when they come out. My reasoning, quite frankly, is that I assign very little importance to them- especially in early December- and that we have too much great content coming out to post that kind of fluff. Nevertheless, I will probably be offering some commentary on the rankings next week when they come out.

Men's Soccer will be the main event for me tonight. After wins in the NCAA Tournament against Quinnipiac, #16 UMBC, and #1 UCLA, they face #8 UVA on the road. Since I know virtually nothing about college soccer, I'm going to defer to Jonathan Restivo for actual, relevant insight going into the game, but don't worry I still have something to say. Let me know if this makes sense: since we beat the #1 overall seed, we've now taken their cushy path forward and are essentially a shoo-in for the finals, right?! Insight dropped. You are welcome.

This is your Open Thread, Husky fans. Hopefully when all is said and done we'll be sipping on celebration juice after two UConn wins. If you're watching on two screens like me tonight, tweet us your pics @TheUConnBlog or @Aman_Kidwai I'd love to see 'em.