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Merry Christmas from The UConn Blog

Our gift to you this Christmas, the best moments in UConn history for your viewing pleasure.

Jared Wickerham

Merry Christmas everybody! From all of us here at The UConn Blog, I hope you all have an awesome and safe holiday. I'm sure all of you have a full day of presents, family, food and "A Christmas Story" on repeat all day to look forward to tomorrow, but if you get a moment of downtime, we have a little Christmas stocking of UConn goodness we'd like to share to make your holiday a little sweeter.

The following are some of the greatest moments in UConn sports history, collected for your viewing pleasure. Try not to spend your entire holiday watching these on repeat, but I wouldn't blame you if you did. So without further ado, I give you...

Tate George hits "The Shot"

Ray Allen outduels Allen Iverson in the 1996 Big East Tournament:

Rip Hamilton beats Washington at the buzzer in the 1998 Sweet Sixteen:

Khalid El Amin beats Pitt, jumps up on scorers table to troll road crowd:

UConn wins its first national championship in 1999:

Taliek Brown crushes Pitt in the 2002 Big East Tournament:

UConn comes all the way back to beat Duke in the 2004 Final Four:

Jim Calhoun delivers epic rant after being asked about Ryan Gomes:

Larry Taylor's "unfair" catch:

AJ Price crosses up a Marquette defender, looks at him and then drains shot (25 second mark):

Not a dime back:

UConn vs. USF baseball's epic rain delay dance-off:

UConn football beats Notre Dame in double overtime:

Dave Teggart beats USF in a blizzard:

Jerome Dyson and Stanley Robinson blow the roof off Gampel against Texas:

Dave Teggart hits 52-yard game winner to send UConn to the Fiesta Bowl:

Kemba Walker hits circus shot against Texas, wins game in OT:

Kemba Walker beats Pitt at the buzzer:

UConn wins the 2011 National Championship:

Jeremy Lamb posterizes some poor sap from Columbia:

Kevin Ollie declares that we're going to take the stairs (10:56):

Shabazz Napier beats Florida at the buzzer: