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The Open Thread- NCAA Men's Soccer Tournament Sweet 16: UConn at UCLA

The Huskies are in LA for the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Men's Soccer Tournament

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

This is a huge day for UConn athletics, a real opportunity to make a statement.

Our nationally ranked Men's Soccer team, coming off a big shootout win against UMBC last weekend, is in LA for a Sweet Sixteen match-up against the top ranked team in the country: The UCLA Bruins.

It will no doubt take a Herculean effort by the Huskies to beat the highly favored Bruins, but I believe. It's been a great year so far for UConn sports- going back to the unlikely Big East Baseball Championship to the dominance of the Field Hockey team winning the Big East and National Championships, oh and Women's B-ball winning it all, we have some positive mojo going our way. UConn has one of the best goalie's in the country, and a roster littered with pro-level talent. In the college game, anything can happen, and let's hope the Huskies come out motivated, set the tone early, and convert on corner kicks and free kicks in good position.

We have yet to find a place where the game is streaming, but will do our best to keep you updated on that front. Otherwise, you can listen in on 91.7 WHUS or follow us @TheUConnBlog, where our own Jonathan Restivo will be keeping you up to date on the action live from Drake Stadium.

This is The Open Thread folks, and post here if you find the game streaming. If we don't fine one... I blame Mike Aresco.