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Fan Contest: Which Former Husky Could Be A Superhero?

Post in the comments to win a UConn Yoga Mat!

With basketball season on the horizon, we're lucky to be running a fun giveaway thanks to the fine folks at Cirrus Fitness.

Cirrus Fitness has launched the first-ever line of officially licensed NCAA fitness products with school-specific colors and high-quality embroidered logos on yoga mats, stability balls and other essentials. It's a must-have for college fans who want to stay healthy while showing their school spirit.

The process to participate is simple. Leave a comment here explaining which former UConn Basketball player would make the best superhero. Style points will be awarded for creativity in your explanation and bonus points will also be awarded for photo-shop art, gifs, etc. The best answer at the end of this week will win the UConn yoga mat pictured above.

If you don't participate in yoga currently, I've come up with a few good ways to use the mat:

- as a gift to somebody who does, or an impetus to start on your own!

- as cushioning for that spot under your desk at work where you like to sleep

- a safe place to leave infants on hardwood floors

- fold it a few times and make your bench seat at Gampel or Rentschler a little bit more comfortable

- give it to Marcus Williams or Khalid El-Amin and hope they take the hint

So lets hear it Husky fans. Which former UConn baller would make the best superhero? What would the superhero be called? And, if you're feeling fancy, what might he look like? Best submission at the end of the week wins.