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Monday Morning Mash-up: Week 13

Thoughts on Casey Cochran, the Ohio State/Baylor debate, Rutgers allowing 52 points for a third time and more.

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1.) As mentioned two days ago on Twitter, I was unable to cover UConn's last game against SMU due to a personal matter. However, my tape study of the game should be finished by tomorrow. So, you'll be able to read a comprehensive review of Casey Cochran's first game soon and know more about the Huskies' potential quarterback of the future.

In the meantime, while an upcoming game against a 1-9 opponent would seem to bear hopeful fruit for a winless fan base, you should see what the one-win Temple did last Saturday. It probably doubled the spread to where it currently sits, favoring the Owls by nine points

See below.

2.) Reason No. 3,456 why I can't bet on sports:

No. 18 UCF 39, Temple 36.

If you expected anyone to be able to find a shred of Temple DNA left at Lincoln Financial Field after what UCF should have done to them last Saturday, well good for you. As 16.5-point favorites, the Knights ought to have won that game from the moment they stepped in. Instead, they won it only once they walked out on a game-winning field goal.

This game bore both the beauty of sports and hideousness of AAC football.

Meanwhile, Memphis' 23-10 win over USF was just plain ole repugnant. Sorry to all that attended.

In my estimation, the spread for next Saturday's UConn-Temple game is fair. Kickoff is scheduled for 7 p.m.

3.) The one person with Ole Miss affiliations who reads this will hate me for this bullet point, but I love what's going on out at USC. Interim coach (and former Rebel headman) Ed Orgeron has led the Trojans out of the darkness that was the Lane Kiffin era with a 5-1 record since Kiffin's departure. They upset No. 4 Stanford for the program's first win over a ranked team since 2011 (yes, 2011) and rebounded to undeniable respectability.

Orgeron is strapped with only 50 scholarship players on the roster due to NCAA sanctions, but he has them battling like an army of 50,000. He stands as one of the truly unique characters in the world of college football coaching, and if you get the chance, pick up "Meat Market" by Bruce Feldman to understand why. Phenomenal read, and any book on what Orgeron has done now to make the most of his second chance would be a best-seller as well.

4.) A Rutgers opponent dropped 52 points on the Scarlet Knights for the third time this season-through only nine games.


This past Saturday, Rutgers was pounded at home by Cincinnati, and now they take to the road on a short week to battle No. 18 UCF this Thursday night. Couple things of note here:

During this all-Knighter, the explosive UCF Knights could be the fourth team to score 52 against Rutgers. Nice.

Next, and more importantly, should the Scarlet Knights lose, they'll then sit at 5-5 with a long week to prepare for their final two opponents. In order to gain bowl eligbility, they must beat one of those two teams. Who sits next on their slate? UConn.

If all goes as expected (sooooo not a given here) on Thursday, Rutgers' trip to East Hartford in two weekends will have added incentive for them to leave with a win. For the Huskies, it could be one of their two remaining chances to snatch a win in 2013. Here's to hoping both team's bring their A-game.

5.) Did you know Geremy Davis hauled in his first touchdown against SMU on the season? How often does a team MVP hold one touchdown through nine games? My guess is that at the team's end of the year banquet, he will be the first.

6.) How often does one get to say "Congratulations" and apologize in the same sentence?

Well, if you have any of your friends pride themselves as Ohio State fans, you best get ready to do exactly that.

The Buckeyes are all but assured to miss out on the national championship game, despite a current 22-game win streak that should reach 24 in two weekends. They're fourth in the country in offense, scoring better than 49 points per game and have dropped an average of 59.5 in their last three contests. Those figures should cause you to stare in amazement until your eyes pop out of your head.

The thing is, of course, their schedule. And frankly, I understand the fan frustrations, but I can't argue their case.

Godforsaken Illinois was within one score of OSU in the fourth quarter of their game two days ago. That's a team with an equally impressive game streak in conference play-but on the other end of the spectrum. And this is isn't the first time the Bucks haven't dismantled an opponent like they should have.

From this view, not only is Baylor's resume more deserving of the next spot behind Alabama and FSU, but I would argue that the Bears are a better, more complete team on both sides of the ball.

Congrats on the streak, but ultimately, I'm sorry, Bucks. Better hurry up and wait til next year for the playoff.

7.) Now while it's probably too bad that Ohio State doesn't have a shot at the national title, they can still take the conference trophy home. To do so, they'll need to win what I believe to be the most intriguing matchup potentially left on the nation's schedule-the Big Ten title game.

Those Buckeyes vs. No. 16 Michigan State.

Sparty needs to do a little bit more work before this gets underway. Though, as of late, it has smashed every team in its path, improved each week and posted greater than 37 points per contest. This was a team that watched its defense repeatedly outscore its offense.

Here in week 13, the top-5 defense is still there, receiving lots of offensive help. As a result, Michigan State looks like a top-10 team.

Sure, the Iron Bowl is going to be a blast. But, this is the game I want to see. Top-flight offense against top-flight defense in a rare, legitimate Big Ten clash with loads on the line. Here's hoping our ole March Madness pal Gus Johnson is on the call that night for FOX.


8.) Duke FOOTBALL is in the top-25. Holy Hell.

P.S. Did I tell you last week about Miami? Or did I tell you?

9.) One of the most criminally underrated quarterbacks on the landscape of college football has to be South Carolina's Connor Shaw. The 6-foot-1 senior doesn't boast a terribly sexy game, but his Gamecocks sit in the top-10 this season after he's tossed a remarkable 19 touchdowns and only one interception. A year ago, he completed better than 67 percent of his passes.

The story out of Columbia, of course, is always going to be Jadeveon Clowney and deservedly so. During preparations for the NFL draft, we'll have read more of the same thing. Though to me, this kid doesn't get near enough credit, particularly for the toughness he's exemplified throughout his career.

Well done, Connor.

10.) For the folks who love College Gameday and the fan signs as much as I do, this site does a great job of picking out the best from each Saturday. Here's last week's show from USC:

Next Saturday, whatcha got Stillwater?

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