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The Open Thread: UConn vs. SMU

When in doubt, air it out...

Cooper Neill

So I know at this point most of you are pretty much done with UConn football, and I don't blame you, but today we have a potentially interesting game that could see a lot of fireworks.

On one side of the ball, you have SMU quarterback Garrett Gilbert, who you may remember was once Colt McCoy's backup at Texas who was thrust into the spotlight after McCoy went down against Alabama in the 2009-10 National Championship game. Gilbert never worked out at Texas, but he's done much better since taking over as the starting QB at SMU.

This season he has been putting up some preposterous numbers, having already thrown for 3,037 yards, 17 touchdowns and six interceptions with a 66 percent completion percentage in eight games. He has also thrown for 300 yards or more in every game but one this season.

With such offensive proficiency, you would think that SMU would have a better record than 3-5. But they don't, and the reason why can be directly attributed to their putrid 41.7 points allowed per game. Seriously, they give up more points per game than all but seven teams in the FBS. If UConn can't score against them, then we can't score against anyone.

Given everything we've seen this season, I don't think I can confidently predict UConn will come anywhere close to a win today, but maybe we'll at least get some kind of crazy 63-42 type of game where both teams just say "screw it" and air it out all day.

This is your open thread, enjoy the game everyone.