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The Open Thread: Detroit at UConn, 7pm, TV: SNY

Can we avenge the 2001 NIT loss?!


UConn (2-0) takes on Detroit (1-1) today to kick things off for the Storrs Regional of the 2k Classic in what should be one of the Huskies' easier games this year. After two straight incomplete performances, it'll be important that the Huskies play a full 40 minutes even if it isn't the toughest opponent on the schedule.

I'd also really, really like to see DeAndre Daniels assert himself. His first two games of his highly anticipated junior season have been... disappointing. Hopefully we get a better performance from him tonight and things start trending upward. With Giffey playing so well, it wouldn't be crazy to see him start eating into DeAndre's minutes if things don't pick up soon.

Also of note, A Dime Back did a great piece earlier this week highlighting the insane amount of fouls that are being called, not just on UConn but across the NCAA, in the interest of opening up offensive play. That outcome has not been met and games are actually being slowed by constant breaks. Going forward our best players getting into foul trouble might become a constant concern.

At any rate, we'll be winning this one comfortably. Nevertheless, with so many opportunities for improvement, there's still a lot to look for out of the Huskies tonight.

Other things to keep an eye on:

  • Rebounding! Can the maligned front court own the boards against an inferior opponent?
  • Some garbage time run for deeper bench players. I just love how pumped everyone gets when a walk-on hits a three or throws one down
  • Brimah, block party of... ?
  • The Niels Giffey Show, Episode 3
  • Do we see a Juwan Howard appearance?

Prediction: UConn wins easily, 92-68