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The Open Thread: UConn at UCF

The quest for win #1 continues!

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Before the season we ran a preview series for all of our new conference opponents. In conclusion of the preview for UCF, I wrote:

This is actually a very telling match-up for the Huskies.... for what it’s worth, UCF has been a pretty solid player in Conference USA and is on the rise. If we aren't competitive here, I wouldn't feel great about our chances to ever be a big player in this conference.

At the time I thought an improved UConn team would be an even match-up against a solid UCF team. I certainly didn't think we'd be winless going into this game, and it never even crossed my mind that UCF would be ranked. Even though this game is not likely to be very competitive, we aren't totally screwed.

With an interim head coach and a true freshman QB, UConn is not a team built to win the way we thought it might be at the beginning of the season. Today and for the rest of the season, we're playing for the future. I'm looking for continued improvement from Tim Boyle, and hopefully shakeups to the lineup by TJ Weist will give some young guys a chance to contribute and gain valuable playing experience against a good football team.

You're watching the future of AAC football today, unfortunately it's our opponent. Crazier things have happened, maybe we can pull this one out with a few lucky bounces and stout defense and we remember this day as the birth of the Legend of Tim Boyle...