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Gameday Preview: UConn at UCF

Everything you need to know to get ready for UConn at no. 21 UCF today at noon.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

This is our biggest challenge of the year.”- T.J. Weist on facing UCF.

Folks, there may be no better morning for kegs and eggs than this AM.

Now at 0-6, UConn has traveled down to the sunshine state to take on Storm Johnson and the no. 21 UCF Knights beginning at noon. Fresh off a 21-point road comeback over no. 8 Louisville, the Knights (5-1) have hit their stride going into the second half of the season.

Frankly, anything between a 14-point loss to a miraculous victory today would make for a sunny afternoon in UConn country. The Huskies still have yet to find consistency on the offensive side of the ball, and need their tendency to fall for play-action fakes on defense. Any chance at victory begins with turnovers, big plays of their own and a couple games worth of luck.

Get your horseshoes and extra-leaved clovers ready.

Finally, don’t forget to join our live thread right at noon. Until then, here’s everything else you need to know about UConn at no. 21 UCF today down in Orlando.


TV- SNY, ESPN 3 (subject to blackout) Radio- WTIC

Twitter- @UConnFB_Andrew, @TheUConnBlog


UCF is favored at every stop by either 23.5 or 24 points.


For an advanced scouting look at the Knights, click here. To catch up on all the news and notes of the week, click here. Lastly, take every minute to read Andrew Porter’s immaculate piece on why you should hate UCF. If you don't, then you’re just no better than they are.


Enviable. 74 degrees and mostly sunny at kickoff. Temperatures will rise gradually over the afternoon to around 77 or 78. 7-9 MPH winds to the north. 0% chance of rain.



Probable: WR Shakim Phillips (hamstring), DB Andrew Adams (shoulder), LB Ryan Donohue (concussion)

Questionable: LB Graham Stewart (ankle)

Doubtful: CB Taylor Mack (shoulder)

Out: G Gus Cruz (cardiac problem)


Questionable: DE Deion Green (knee), WR J.J. Worton (concussion)


UConn will be in their away uniforms featuring white tops, blue pants and the most unfortunate helmet in college football.

UCF will wear gold tops, white pants and white helmets as seen here.


Andrew: UCF, 38-13